Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hook Removal

Since I already wrote about Safety for Day 1 of Every Day in May, I decided to cover a different safety topic for the "safety" theme.  Hook removal.  How to safely remove a hook that gets stuck deep in someones (or your own) flesh.  Please excuse the crude sketches, I did not want to do this to myself.

This happened to us not long ago on a trip down the Devils River.  We were well into the trip (no paddeling back and a few days until we would reach our destination) when someone on our trip had a hook lodged deep past the barb into his ankle.  With no doctor or emergency room to remove the hook, I had to take it out for him.  Here is what I did, and what you should do:

Step one, remove the hook from the lure (if it is a single "worm" hook you can just cut the line and remove the soft plastic.)  You can either cut the wire (if you do, leave as much of the hook as possible) or you BEST OPTION is to remove the hook from the split shot.

Step two, is to get some fishing line (highest pound test possible) about 24 inches long and double it over.

Then loop the double over line around the hook that is imbedded into the skin.  Once you loop it around the hook, get as firm of a grip of the "tag" ends as possible (even wrap them around your hand or fingers.)  With your other hand, press down and toward the hook, on the end of the hook that ties to the line.
The last step is tell the hooked person to bite down on something, a wallet, wadded up bandana, or anything.  While pressing down, pull as QUICKLY (Quickness is key), HARD, and FAST as possible.  Be sure to pull away from where you are pressing, and pull straight out (do not pull up.)  The Hook Should Pop Right out.
Once out, put some antibiotic ointment on it, put on a band-aid, and keep on fishing.  Get medical treatment as soon as possible.  Keep an eye out for swelling, infection, or anything out of the ordinary, and this could be trouble.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be one.  Do this at your own risk.  It is not my fault if this does not work for you and you end up hurting someone!!!!  GO TO A DOCTOR IF YOU CAN.

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