Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiration and Aspiration

What inspires me?  Oh, there are so many things.  What inspires me to kayak fish and what inspires me to write about it?  That is a little more focused of a question that I can probably answer.

I am inspired by power and resilience yet fragile state of nature, by flowing waters, by perfectly tuned fish.  I am always inspired and amazed at how the world can be so perfectly set up to take care of itself, but how man can come, and in an instant, change the balance that God created and create something new.  It scares me.  It also inspires me to be in nature to experience God, and to spend my time and efforts protecting it.

I am inspired by the thought that one day, I might be able to leave the beauty I experience to my son.  Maybe my son will be able to feel more of what was created than I can.  Maybe the world will be a better place.  I am inspired to keep going, to make this a reality for him.  I worry that if I do not do my part (and although I am just a small spoke in the wheel of the world) that my role is important, that if I fail, others around me will fail and world will stop spinning.  I am inspired to keep going when I see others pushing toward and supporting the same goals as me.

What do I aspire to become?

One day, I hope to be more important in the protection and care of our planet than I am today.  And beyond that I hope to become much smaller.  I mean I hope what I have the ability to do to protect our waters continues to grow.  Maybe, I will be able to focus on the protection of native species, such as the Guadalupe Bass in Texas.  I aspire to have this become my full time work.  Maybe one day I can make a living just large enough to support my family, on and protecting the freshwater of the world.

I also hope to become a smaller part of protecting the planet than I am today.  Meaning that I hope that more and more people step up and do their part to the point that there is no longer a need to bring attention to the fragile state of nature.  I aspire to bring enough attention to the issues to eventually create a planet where everyone lives as a part of the earth rather than a parasite on it.  I think we will eventually get there.

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