Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Hunt For Native Bass

So...this is kind of a continuation from Fish, Fish, Fish... (part of Every Day In May), but it will be continuing throughout the next year and a half.  What am I doing?  Well, in taking a page out of Drew Haerer's playbook, I am going after my own personal Bass Slam.

The Hunt For Native Bass
Who is doing this: I am, Pat Kellner.  I will hopefully be joined by some excellent anglers and friends along the way

What am I doing: Catching every species of Black Bass, including the Bartrams Bass, for a total of 10
When will I do this: I will have one year from the first day of my journey to complete this, but I hope to do it in a shorter period of time than that.
Where will I catch them: All will be caught in their Natural Native Waters
How will I catch them: All with the "greenest" most environmentally conscious ways possible.  I will only use man powered vessels (kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc...) on the water.
Why am I doing this: To showcase the multitude of native basses in America and to raise awareness to the problems that arise when non-native species (other fishes including bass, plants, etc.) are introduced into an environment.

Of coarse, this is just the beginning of the planning.  More details will come later.  I will fish with conventional tackle and fly fish in pursuit of these fish.  I will also learn about the uniqueness of each different species and what threatens it and its waters along the way.

I hope to be able to raise funding somehow for this trip, since I am not wealthy by any means and raising the $$$ is the only way I could afford to travel that far and much.  I also hope to raise money to donate to non-profits that promote the protection of our waters and fish as well as for the founding of The Guadalupe Bass Foundation sometime soon.

If you have any questions, or would like to help fund this journey, email me and let me know.  There are ideas I have to go along with this that the details of will come out soon.  I will keep everyone posted here on the blog for now.

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