Thursday, March 8, 2012

Darkfin Gloves Review

I recently received three Darkfin Products; the DarkfinGloves, the Black O.P.S. Gloves, and the Split-Toe Bootees.  Darkfin is made by Black Lagoon Products, who is a family owned company based in Knoxville, TN.  Those who run the company are extremely helpful and easy to work with.  I was excited to give each product a try and see how they performed while Kayak Fishing.  Here is my review of each product:

                These are custom latex webbed glove that are perfect for many types of watersports.  I of course was interested to see how they would help me in my kayaking pursuit of bass.  The gloves are very durable, and they seem as though they will hold up for a long time.  To be completely honest though, I did not find much use for them in my main fishing kayaks.  My Jackson Kayaks have an Elite Hi/Low seat that positions me well above the water.  In order to reach the water and use the gloves, I had to lean way over the side of the boat.  Once I did, I will say that they do push the boat around quite well.  The rear web design really makes your hand act like a paddle.  I would definitely recommend these gloves to anyone who fishes out of a traditional sit-in-side kayak, or a sit-on-top angler who does not have a high/lo seat.  They would be especially useful to anyone who fishes out of a Hobie or any other peddle kayak that needs a paddle for reverse.  With these Darkfin Gloves, you would not need to bring a paddle along.  The Darkfin Gloves would also be able to replace any small hand paddle you bring along with you to quietly sneak up on fish.

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